When I was about 5 years old, I prayed a prayer with my Mom by my bedside.  I prayed for Jesus to come into my heart. From then on I had been changed and enlightened in the ways of Christ.  I have been (and continue to be) rebellious to do my own things.  I am hypocritical.  I am irrational, temperamental, and controlling.  I react and am learning to respond. I am in constant need of saving.

My God pursued me, loved me, died for me, and now lives for me so that I am no longer bound by my wrongs but defined by His Right. My life doesn’t always reflect Him, but my desire is to get closer to that each and every day.  Alone, I cannot.  But I can do it through Christ who gives me strength and endurance and love…and yes, even the desire to do that.

The Gospel is living, it is real.  It is now.  You may not have tomorrow to make yourself right before God.

My prayer is that you will be strengthened in knowledge as you are striving and thriving in your relationship with Christ.  Honor your well being, and take care of the body, heart, and mind God has given you.

You should never have to be ashamed of your love for God, because even God wasn’t ashamed of His love for you.

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