Journey with Young Living

A lot of my striving and thriving physically revolves around what I eat and what I do (as it does with everyone else).  What I do creates lasting impressions on myself years in the future.  What I do now shapes what I will be later.  Something as simple as staying hydrated and sleeping well will make all the difference for a healthy future.  The products you use on a daily basis make a big impact as well, probably a more drastic impact than we realize on a regular basis.  This goes for EVERYTHING we use in, on, and around our bodies.  Do you know you’re probably poisoning your home with toxic chemicals without even knowing it?  And guess what?  You can do something about it right now!!

I became part of Young Living because of my conviction for a safer home environment for my husband and children.  I know how easy it can be for kids to get into things they are not supposed to, so that was my main reason for joining Young Living.  As time went on, I realized how often my husband was coming home with metal shavings all over him.  He has a dark smudge on his forehead from welding, and it dawned on me.  His body needs a break too.  I wanted to give his body a fighting chance to detox all the metals out of his body while he was home, cause it’s obvious that his body can easily be overloaded with toxic yuck!

Young Living allows me to use products that I know are natural and safe to use.  I use them in skin care, food recipes, aromatherapy, supplements, and any other way I find I can use them!

If you would like to see Young Living for yourself, you can view their website here.  I also have more information in my Resources page.  You can contact me, and I would love to share my understanding of the oils with you and how they have changed the way my family lives.  There’s a low commitment to Young Living.  Signing up as a Distributor doesn’t mean you’re signing up for a business plan.  It’s really very convenient the way they did it, in my opinion anyway.  It’s like buying a Sam’s Club membership.  You get a 24% discount on ALL your orders after signing up, and your only obligation to holding the membership is to purchase $50 worth of product EVERY YEAR.

Why do you need to take control of your health by removing chemical toxins in your home?  You can view my video series in Essential Oils 101 that is located in the Resources page.

If you want to sign up, you may do so at this link —–>  In order for me to best assist you upon sign up, you can use my member number: 2977247.  I then get notified and can be there for you as you undertake this amazing step in your life.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me personally.  I am a Facebook user, and you can find my profile here.

I will be more than happy to assist you on your journey to begin Striving & Thriving to the fullest!


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